Tips to help you prepare for your baby

2 years ago
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I truly believe we have overworked how we support breastfeeding and early parenting. I work on the KISS principle – Keep it Seriously Simple and that starts from the very beginning before you have had your baby

If I could see mothers or parents to be before they have their baby I could save them a lot of money. You don’t need a breastfeeding chair. Most of them are expensive, big and ugly as well as narrow don’t always work in a small flat or apartment. It often don’t recline back far enough if you need to lean back to help your baby manage the milk flow. The chair becomes too uncomfortable once the  baby grows bigger and kicks off against the side of the chair and which pulls on your nipple- it hurts.

I really don’t like breastfeeding pillows except for twins as most mums lean over the pillow fitting it rather than the pillow really supporting their back and neck. I’d rather help you lean back and be comfortable with support under the elbow on the side you are feeding from. I want to help you feed any place anywhere comfortably.

To that end you don’t need to cover up when feeding. You don’t cover your face when you eat out so don’t cover your baby’s face. I show mums how to feed comfortably without feeling exposed so they feel confident to be out and about whenever they want to. Thankfully we also have laws in Australia to protect mothers’ rights to feed their infant or young child where and whenever they choose.

Don’t feel pressure to buy a pump, wait and see how breastfeeding goes. I see so many mums that don’t want to pump but feel they should because they were given one as a present. If you do want to pump consider how you will use it. If it’s something you want to use long term and potentially to help you express when and if you return to work get a double pump to make life easy. Don’t buy a pump second hand that has only one valve as they are unhygienic and have mould in the motor.

A dozen material nappies and lots of soft large wraps will never go astray. Your choice of nappies is yours. There are some excellent eco friendly ones on the market now that work well. If using disposable nappies, you only need to change the baby once – halfway through the feed. They draw moisture away from your baby’s bottom, the baby doesn’t know or care there is a wee or poo and you save money and help save the planet by using less nappies.

I can help with my tips with breastfeeding and parenting before and after the birth of the baby either via an online video or in person. Send me an email.