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Antenatal Preparation

  • Learn how to breastfeed the correct way before you have your baby so you don’t have the problems you may have heard your friends or relatives talk about.
  • Learn the fundamentals of breastfeeding and caring for your baby before the birth to help you confidently understand the changes to your breasts and how your baby will respond to feeding and settling in the early days in hospital and at home.

Postnatal Support and Follow Up

  • Undersupply and/or oversupply affects many new mums but can be effectively managed with early intervention.
  • Treating mastitis and thrush can resolve more quickly if help is sought when the symptoms first appear.
  • Expressing is great for building up supply, storing breastmilk and including partners in feeding.
  • Reflux and colic is distressing for baby and parents. Many strategies are available to help with these issues.
  • Settling issues and techniques often go hand in hand with feeding. Early assessment of feeding can resolve many concerns related to settling.
  • A consulting room visit is also available for mothers wanting a supervised breastfeed and advice (including weekends).
  • Returning to work doesn’t mean you have to give up breastfeeding. There are many feeding options available for mothers and their babies.

Women who have/had

  • I have specialized in the care of women with PCOS. It is worthwhile implementing a specific antenatal plan in preparation for breastfeeding and your breastfeeding options.
  • Breast reduction need not prevent a woman from breastfeeding. There are strategies available to help a mother and baby successfully breastfeed.
  • Augmentation need not preclude a woman from breastfeeding and again, strategies can be implemented to support breastfeeding.
  • Pre diabetes (insulin resistance) has some issues related to breastfeeding that make it particularly important to seek an antenatal consultation. This will assist in understanding the strategies available to maximize the health benefits of breastfeeding for your baby.
  • Raynaud’s Phenomenon (nipple vasospasm) is more commonly found with breastfeeding women than is realised. Painless breastfeeding is possible when you understand how to manage this problem.
  • Twins can seem daunting to breastfeed but with some planning before their birth, you will be well underway to be organized and ready for their homecoming.

Antenatal C-section and Breastfeeding Preparation

  • As an Endorsed Midwife and IBCLC lactation consultant, I provide a private  three hour antenatal session on C-section and preparing for breastfeeding for busy couples who don’t have time for a hospital class. With a referral from your obstetrician or GP providing ‘shared care’, I provide a receipt for you to claim a Medicare rebate.