Launching the Australian Breast Milk Bank (ABMB)

6 years ago
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I have worked in private practice as an IBCLC lactation consultant in Sydney for nearly fifteen years and I have achieved a long held goal of mine to set up a breast milk bank – Australian Breast Milk Bank. In collaboration with scientists, food manufacturing experts and my partner Kevin Condon a business developer, we are ready to provide safe expressed breast milk for mothers when they need extra for their babies instead of giving formula.

Watch Lynne explain:

The Australian Breast Milk Bank (ABMB). It’s an ambitious, innovative and realistic project that will change the way mothers can access extra breast milk for their babies. There is currently no supply of expressed breast milk that is safe
AND retains the full nutritional and immunological benefits of natural breast milk.

All breast milk banks make their breast milk safe using heat pasteurisation. However, this 1- hour process destroys the complex natural balance of immune cells and bioactive proteins that would normally safeguard the newborn’s optimum growth, immunological disease resistance, future development and long-term health. All newborns should have the benefit of safe and unadulterated breast milk.

It will be the biggest innovation to make breast milk safe in well over 100 years and ABMB needs your help!

Where can you turn to for safe breast milk instead of resorting to dairy or vegetable based formula when:

  • You don’t want to use formula
  • You can’t produce enough breast milk for your baby
  • Your premature baby in the Intensive or Special Care Unit needs more breast milk than you can produce initially or otherwise
  • You are ill or your baby is
  • You are returning to work and need extra breast milk

The reality for most of you is there is no safe source you can depend on.
You might try the milk banks presently operating but you’ll probably come away empty-handed.

Because, priority of their limited breast milk stock is given to mothers with premature babies in the Neonatal Intensive or Special Care Units.
Do you you risk buying breast milk online?
Every government health authority in the world advises you against it – for proven reasons.
A real risk exists with bacterial contamination and, 1 in 10 packs of expressed milk sold were consistently found adulterated with cow milk or formula– hard to detect and bad for your baby!
Do you risk breast milk from friends?
Sadly, there are no real guarantees here either

ABMB will offer the world’s first available extended life breast milk combining microbial safety with immunological protection similar to milk straight from the breast using non-heat pasturisation

ABMB does not need money just your extra breast milk please

ABMB needs 150 litres of frozen or fresh breast milk for an essential pilot study for three purposes:

  • For independent testing to confirm that non-heat pasteurisation delivers all the benefits listed above.
  • To conduct research on concentrating breast milk to boost weight and increase protection against the infant diseases and the early childhood diseases that formula cannot provide.
  • To prove that we at the Australian Breast Milk Bank can do it and provide the quality and quantity of safe breast milk that mothers want or need as the best alternative to formula.

Donate your milk to ABMB and be part of ground-breaking technology that will help us ultimately provide expressed breast milk Australia wide. Your donation of frozen or fresh breast milk will help ABMB make this happen and you will be making a difference to those mothers who want breast milk as the only nutrition for their baby.

ABMB will be thrilled and very grateful to pick up your frozen or fresh breast milk from anywhere in Metropolitan Sydney.

Follow me, Lynne-Mckensey Hall on Facebook and watch ABMBs’ progress as the litres of milk come in and when we will start production.

Call me or, click the email link below and send me a mobile phone number and the approximate quantity you have available and I will arrange everything. Many thanks in advance. 0419 245 966