Interview with Michelle Bridges’ 12WBT trainer about breastfeeding and exercise!

8 years ago
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I’m a video star!

Well nearly and not really, but I did have a lot of fun recently in an interview with Michelle Bridges’ trainer, Karen, who trains pregnant women and women wanting to exercise after birth in their specially designed 12WBT program for pregnant women and mothers wanting to exercise and continue breastfeeding.

Karen interviewed me as the ‘expert’ about exercise while breastfeeding, mastitis and suitable bras for exercise. The videos will become part of a library of information from experts for pregnant and women post-baby who participate in the 12WBT program. The videos were shot in a lovely apartment in Rose Bay with a great film crew.

Not only did I enjoy participating, but I fully recommend the program as a well balanced eating plan with an exercise program that women would benefit from and enjoy. I see many new mothers who don’t look after themselves from a nutritional point of view while at the same time, risking their health and their milk supply with over-exercising.

Another aspect of the program that appeals is the actual commitment to a program that will help new mothers get out into the fresh air. There are times when it can be extremely difficult to get out, especially after a difficult night. I want to make the point though that an exercise session should only be undertaken after a sleep/rest, food and fluids. Mothers do need to look after their immediate needs first. Getting out in the fresh air and sunlight after some good food and sleep can improve a mother’s mood and her interaction with her baby.

While we were filming, I had a light bulb moment about the similarities that exist between the 12WBT program and the 12 week settling in period mothers experience with breastfeeding and learning early parenting skills with their new baby. Maybe we should call it the 12WBPB program!?

The 12WBT Michelle Bridges program provides an expert trainer, nutritional guidelines, menus and exercises with support and encouragement throughout the program. While the program is well planned and well suited to women who are pregnant or exercising while breastfeeding, it nevertheless takes commitment, time and determination to see it through.

Breastfeeding in the early months should be considered the same way, 12 weeks of commitment, time and determination. A significant similarity to the 12WBT program is that any mother can access help and support with breastfeeding and early parenting skills along the way. Mothers need good nutrition, rest, help with the housework and meals as well as support from experts from time to time along the way.

This is where we the IBCLC lactation consultants come in, right from the outset! As soon as women have their babies they can be supported throughout the first 12 weeks (and beyond) with their breastfeeding and parenting relationship.

IBCLCs can provide an early assessment of breastfeeding and implement strategies to resolve any issues, answer questions and guide a new mother (and partner) through the early weeks of feeding and settling in with a new baby. We can discuss nutrition, exercise, sleep and expressing. We can encourage, support and monitor a mother’s mental and physical wellbeing and the growth and development of their baby. We can recognise many health issues a mother or her baby may experience and refer on to other professionals for diagnosis and treatment.

For any of you considering the 12WBT program after the birth of your baby I would be more than happy to discuss your breastfeeding patterns and how to manage the program as part your daily routine. I believe a ‘breastfeeding check up’ (that can be covered in a personal or Skype consultation), would ensure you start the 12WBT program with confidence. The consultation might include guidance with expressing to make commitment to the program easier.

Good Luck with the program! Don’t hesitate to contact me for breastfeeding and parenting support along the way.