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author of "Breastfeeding and Baby Matters"

Breastfeeding & Baby Matters

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Better Beginnings in the Media!

Recently we have been writing, interviewing, investigating and consulting with a handful of great organisations across print, radio and web in an effort to support and further spread the message about the benefits breastfeeding! Better Beginnings in the Media!

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Easter eggs & breastfeeding?

Can you enjoy Easter eggs and still breast feed? Yes you can! I never stand between a new mum and some chocolate – as long as it’s good chocolate. Don’t waste a chocolate binge on the cheap milk or white stuff. Both are high in sugar with not much else to recommend them. Eaten in [...]
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Breastfeeding and breast cancer

I’m feeling very reflective today. I have just passed a professional audit (APHRA) and I am celebrating 40 years as a nurse with girls I shared a corridor with in the nurses’ home of Royal Brisbane Hospital. I always wanted to be a nurse from the time I was four years old and have never [...]
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