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Better Beginnings in the Media!

Recently we have been writing, interviewing, investigating and consulting with a handful of great organisations across print, radio and web in an effort to support and further spread the message about the benefits breastfeeding! Better Beginnings in the Media!

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Nipple shields: creating another win-win for mother and baby!

If I were given a dollar every time someone said to me “I know I’m doing the wrong thing but I’m using a nipple shield,” I would be a wealthy woman. Who says a mother can’t use a nipple shield? How dare anyone say to a mother who happily and painlessly breastfeeds that she should [...]
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The Journey into Motherhood and the Benefits of Counselling

This blog is written by my friend and colleague, Lucy Kemp who is a wonderful counsellor to see if you are experiencing any concerns or anxiety managing your role as a mother. Being a mother is one of the most rewarding jobs on earth and also one of the most challenging.  It is sometimes difficult to [...]
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