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Better Beginnings in the Media!

Recently we have been writing, interviewing, investigating and consulting with a handful of great organisations across print, radio and web in an effort to support and further spread the message about the benefits breastfeeding! Better Beginnings in the Media!

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Confessions of an IBCLC

I must confess that, when I was a student midwife, I wasn’t so much interested in the breastfeeding classes as I was in birth classes and delivering babies. This is quite funny since I have never worked in a labour ward or delivery suite. I’ve spent more time working in lactation than any other field [...]
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Travelling with your baby

Travelling with your baby should be exciting and fun, though no doubt, at times challenging. Breastfeeding can certainly make the journey easier, especially when travelling overseas or anywhere that includes flying. Take off and landing is easier when you can breastfeed your little one and help him equalise the pressure in his ears during these [...]
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